Summer Rolls 7.50
Soft rice paper filled with shrimp, rice vermicelli, fresh basil, cucumber, bean sprouts and carrots  
Spring Rolls  7.50
Bamboo shoots, celery and bean thread, wrapped in rice paper and deep fried, served with sweet plum sauce  
Chicken Pot Stickers  8.00
Wonton wrappers are stuffed with chopped chicken and vegetables, steamed, then pan-fried. Served with sesame vianegrette sauce  
Miang Khum  8.00
Fill with fresh ginger, shallots, lime, peanuts and roasted coconut flakes, wrapped with fresh Green leaves, topped with roasted coconut palm sugar sauce
Spicy Fish Cakes  9.00
firm white-fleshed fish, ground it with red curry paste, green bean, kaffir lime leaf slice and Thai basil and deep fried serve with cucumber relish  
Thai Hot Wings  9.00
Chinken wings battered deep fried tossed with spicy caramel and tamarind sauce  
Tofu Tower  7.50
Crispy tofu and fresh cucumber, served with homemade sweet tamarind sauce  
Curry Puff  9.50
Pastry puff stuffed with potatoes, onions, mince chicken serve cucumber relish  
Larb  9.50
Ground chicken, tossed with mint leaves, chili, red onions, cilantro, green onions, rice powder and fresh lime juice, served with Romaine lettuce
Thai Dumplings  9.50
Steamed wonton loaded with ground chicken, shrimp, shitake mushrooms and crab meat, served with sweet black bean sauce  
Chicken Satay  9.50
Delectable grilled chicken on skewers, served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish  
Pork Lemon Drops  9.50
Steamed thin pork loin tossed with chili-citrus sauce and topped with crisp shallot  
Golden Pouches  9.50
Deep-fried wonton wrappers stuffed with seasoned mince chicken & shrimp, served with plum sauce  
Swinging Rings  10.50
Lightly battered squid, deep fried, served with sweet plum sauce  
Aromatic Shrimp Shots  10.50
Steamed shrimp with fresh chili, lime hand shaking dressing & a side of mixed green  
Rock N Roll Duck  10.50
Roasted duck and vegetables wrapped in rice paper, served with honey- ginger sauce  
Golden Shrimp Tempura  11.50
Deep-fried battered shrimp served with plum sauce  
Shitake Shrimp  11.50
Sautéed shrimp and shitake mushrooms with garlic-chardonnay sauce, masago served with lettuce  
Calamari Martini  13.50
Calamari sliced marinated with sauvignon blanc, oyster sauce, garlic, sesame oil, tobiko, asparagus with ginger cherry sauce  
Siam Square Platter  16.50
Combination of chicken satay (4), Chicken Pot Stickers (4), spring rolls (2), and golden shrimp tempura (2)