House Salad 8.50
Mixed greens, onions, cucumber and tomatoes, avocado topped with Choice of peanut sauce or sesame dressing  
Fried Tofu Salad  9.50
Deep fried small pieces of tofu on mixed greens, avocado and topped with “Sesame Vinaigrette” must try!!  
Green Papaya Salad  or Salty Crab Papaya Salad  9.50 / 10.50
Shredded green papaya, tossed with tomatoes, green beans, crushed peanuts,Chili and garlic lime dressing (with Shrimp Kebab add $4)  
Grilled Chicken Salad  10.50
Slices of grilled chicken, mixed greens topped with cashew nut and “Mandarin dressing”  
Steak Salad  11.50
Grilled Sirloin beef tossed with tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, mint, scallion, and spicy lime sauce over romaine lettuce  
Calamari Salad  13.50
A choice of steamed or deep-fried calamari over a bed of mixed greens and topped with chili garlic- lime dressing  
Naked Shrimp Salad  13.50
Grilled shrimp,, tossed with sliced lemon grass, red onions, cilantro and green onions in roasted chili paste dressing. It’s really good!  
Coconut Angle Salad  15.50
Shrimps wrap with shredded coconut battered deep fried with greens & roasted chili dressing  
Pacific Ocean Salad 
Shrimp, calamari, scallops, mussels and mixed greens topped with roasted Thai chili- garlic lime dressing…..It’s fantastic!!!