Chef’s Specials

Sizzling Thai BBQ Pork  17.50
Pork loin marinated with pure sesame and Thai seasonal sauce serve on sizzling hot pan  
Volcano BBQ Chicken  18.50
Whole chicken marinated with Thai herb and Thai style BBQ sauce grilled and serve on fire( Half chicken $13.50)  
The Red Devil  18.50
Tilapia filet, deep fried and tossed with red curry paste, fresh green bean, bell pepper, kaffir lime tiny slice topped with crispy Thai Basil serve with Jasmine Rice  
Catfish Village  18.50
Lightly battered catfish filet, deep fried and topped with a choice of hot basil sauce or green curry sauce  
House of Salmon  20.50
Your choice of salmon in chili garlic-lime sauce or grilled salmon topped with merlot pepper-garlic sauce or teriyaki  
Brandy Garlic City  22.50
A choice of prawn or soft shell crabs, topped with Merlot pepper garlic sauce, served with steamed broccoli, finished with brandy  
Rib eye Green Beans  18.50
Grilled diced rib eye, sautéed with green beans and garlic sauce  
Honey Roasted Duck  19.50
Half boneless roasted duck, deep fried till crisp, served over steamed Greens and topped with honey barbeque sauce serve with jasmine rice  
Vanilla Sky Scallops  19.50
Sear Scallop on a bed of grilled asparagus and coconut rice top with vanilla hint of creamy yellow curry sauce
Heavenly Seafood  19.50
Sautéed spicy Thai roasted chili and black bean sauce with ginger, shrimp, scallops, calamari, mussels, bell peppers and Thai basil  
Crying Tiger   20.50
Grilled rib eye steak, marinated with wonderful, grilled asparagus, steam broccoli and fresh tomato sauce served with Thai chili sauce  
Choo Chee  20.50
Choice of soft shell crab or salmon On a bed of Steam asparagus and spinach top with Ruby red curry and a touch of kaffir lime leaf  
Hidden Dragon  24.50
A chunk of rib eye marinated in house special sauce and grilled on skewer with onions, pineapple chunks, bell peppers, tomato, serve with coconut rice  
Thai Lava Lamb Chops  30.50
Slow grilled New Zealand Lamb chops marinated with 16 Thai spice, topped with Thai Lava mussaman sauce, steamed zucchini, kaffir lime leave slice, serve with Curry rice